Full Service Boarding

Full Service Boarding

Deluxe “Hotel-Style” Boarding

Your pet will enjoy first class comfort all the way at MDAH. We’ve dedicated approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of space to create a very special, upscale vacation retreat for your pet. We’ll care for and pamper your pet’s every need throughout their stay. Our unique boarding facility includes luxury suites and standard suites for large and small dogs. Your cat will enjoy our “glassed condos,” where they can peer out at the activity in our lobby, letting their inquisitive nature run wild. When you board your pet with us, you can be assured of their comfort and safety. As for you… you’ll be guilt free.

Extended Care and Contact Options

Our dedication to your animal(s) continues day and night (even over the weekend or during the times when the hospital is closed). Our resort staff arrives at 6:30 am, and the last walk of the evening is 7:00 pm each night.

We know how difficult it can be to be away from your pet, that’s why we offer the ability to check in on your pet via e-mail, phone, or text. You can reach the kennel staff at the following phone number: (850) 694-8070.

Resort Services and Upgrades

Complimentary Services  (All Resort Guests)

• All-day activities starting at 6:30 am, finishing with nightly late dog walks

• Dogs are played with and sorted into small playgroups based on age, size and temperament. Dogs that are not comfortable playing with others are provided with individual playtime.

• Cats are played with and given a variety of interactive play toys.

• Appropriate daily treat of your choice.

• Baths are given to all guests that stay 7 days or more.

Medication Services

If your pet requires medication while staying at our resort, we offer the following medication packages:

Medication Level 1 (Additional $5.00/day*) — Once daily administration (up to 3 different medications)

Medication Level 2 (Additional $10.00/day*) — Twice daily administration (up to 3 different medications)

Medication Level 3 (Additional $15.00/day*) — Administration of medication more than twice daily and/or more than 3 different medications

Special Accommodations

If your pet requires special accommodations while staying at our resort, we offer the following services to make their stay even more comfortable:

The Boss! (Additional $10.00/day*) — Specifically designed for assertive dogs that require more individualized attention from one of our resort staff members.

The Extra Special Guest! (Additional $10.00/day*) — For pets that require extra special attention, such as assistance with walking, feeding, etc. We can provide the extra care that they need and deserve.

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