The following conditions have been treated by companion animal veterinarians with reported favorable outcomes:

•    Canine osteoarthritis — hip, elbow, knee, shoulder

•    Canine immune mediated polyarthritis

•    Tendon and Ligament injuries

•    Integrated with surgical repair of joints or ligaments

Pet Owners, Are you wondering if stem cell therapy is right for your pet? Veterinarians who use Vet-Stem services the most have identified their “perfect case” as a pet with arthritis who meets at least one of the following conditions:

•    Is not responding well or can not tolerate pain medication

•    Is not a good surgical candidate due to age or health

•    Has arthritis identified in one or more joints

•    Has immune mediated Polyarthritis

•    Is likely to need long term pain medications

•    Pet owner prefers a natural therapy

Pet owners should discuss appropriateness of treatment for their pet and associated costs with a Vet-Stem credentialed veterinarian.

Other useful information for pet owners:

•    Quality of Life survey data here

•    Reduced use of pain medication after treatment here

•    Information about older dogs with arthritis can be found here

•    Information about Osteoarthritis and the young dog can be found here

•    Checklist of points to consider with your veterinarian is found here

Anticipated Uses:

Vet-Stem is currently evaluating the use of stem cells for treatment of irritable bowel disease, atopy (immune related skin disease), kidney, and immune mediated diseases.

Vet-Stem believes there are certain applications that we believe stem cells will have no value.

These include:

•    Cancer

•    Systemic infection