Our new bridge…Embracing the Change

The new Veteran’s Memorial Bridge officially opened for traffic on Friday, December 20th. As it is with all change (and all bridges for that matter) there are two sides. There were certainly those who didn’t want this bridge to be built in the first place. There were others who really felt there was a need for a second entrance into Palm City. Well…there’s no turning back now. The new bridge is here to stay. This new span will certainly affect us here at Martin Downs Animal Hospital, and we have decided to embrace the change.

There is a good chance that we’ll look back and wonder how we ever did without it. Many of you will remember how many opposed the construction of the Roosevelt Bridge which was completed in 1996. For those of you who weren’t here during the early nineties, the traffic problem in downtown Stuart was at an all-time high. Back then, you had to get from Stuart to Jensen beach and vice-versa by going over the drawbridges that were part of US 1. Whenever the bridges went up (especially during rush hour) the entire town went into gridlock. Traffic would backup clear down Ocean Blvd…past the courthouse and often as far as Stuart Middle School. The construction of the Roosevelt Bridge eased that mess. We’ll have to see how this new bridge changes things.

Our main concerns here at the hospital have to do with the ease of getting in and out of the parking lot. As of right now, it’s really not a problem. However, there is a second phase of the bridge building project that’s supposed to start as early as June. During this phase, they will be widening Martin Highway from Mapp Road up to Martin Downs Boulevard to account for the increased traffic flow. This part of the process may change the way you enter and exit the facility. We’ll keep you posted as we go through this process. Again, in light of our “Embracing the Change” attitude, we’re looking on the bright side and hoping this won’t give any of you too much grief. Until then, enjoy the new bridge and thanks as always for entrusting us with the care of your wonderful pets.

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