Medical Case of the Month


There are many hazards to allowing a pet to roam outdoors. Whether it is cars, toxins, or other animals, pets are never fully protected from potential accident or injury. As pet owners, it is important that we use due diligence in keeping our outdoor pets up to date on vaccines and parasite prevention. Diseases, such as rabies, are fatal if contracted and easily prevented with scheduled vaccination.

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                 Arthur, a 9 year old domestic shorthair cat, is an example of a patient that ran into an unexpected injury while roaming outdoors. Arthur first presented for an appointment with Dr. Stacy after being in a fight with another animal. Since Arthur was an outdoor cat, the owner was not sure if he tangled with another cat or potentially a wild animal. In injury cases involving other animals, a major concern is always rabies transmission. Since Arthur was up to date on vaccines, we were not concerned about rabies transmission. The wound on Arthur’s neck though initially small, grew to a large size in the course of a week prior to Arthur presenting for an appointment. Even with the large size of the wound, Arthur still remained in good spirits, as most cats do with similar wounds. An antibiotic injection was given, to prevent further systemic infection and help heal the wound; and Arthur was prepared for surgical repair in the morning. The next day, Dr. Poderski thoroughly cleaned, debrided, and repaired the wound. Arthur spent the bulk of his recovery in boarding with the medical staff and received TLC from all the staff. When Arthur returned for a suture removal, his wound had healed wonderfully.