Give Your Pet the Royal Treatment!

Regular grooming is essential to keeping your dog or cat looking his best, but proper grooming can also have health benefits that can contribute to a longer, healthier life for your pet.

Regular brushing helps distribute the natural oils of the skin, resulting in a healthier coat, and it can have more important benefits as well. Habitual grooming provides an opportunity for early detection of lumps, bumps or other skin abnormalities that may be signs of cancer or other diseases.

Long haired animals often grow hair in sensitive areas around the face, eyes or anal area. If not properly trimmed, this hair can lead to hygiene problems and even trap bacteria which can lead to infection. Proper nail trimming is also essential to the comfort and health of your furry friend. Long nails can force pets to walk improperly, causing pain, arthritis and joint problems. Untrimmed nails can also lead to ripping and infection.

Veterinarians recommend you have your pet professionally groomed at least 3 times a year in order to keep them healthy and happy. Certain breeds will require more upkeep than others, including Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Old English Sheepdogs and Lhasa Apsos. These may need grooming every 6 weeks. Before you adopt or purchase a high maintenance breed, please make sure that you can keep up with regular professional grooming. While some basic grooming such as brushing can be done at home, professional groomers are trained to manage skin problems or sensitivities, and to properly handle animals that may be nervous or uncooperative with home grooming.

We provide full service grooming here at Martin Downs Animal Hospital in Palm City, and have recently hired a new groomer to join our team of experts. We can even brush your pet’s teeth, and we offer specialized add-ons for specific needs, such as our “Furminator” to help remove hair for pets that shed. We invite you to stop by and meet our groomers, or give us a call to talk about your pet’s specific grooming needs.

Don’t you feel better after leaving the salon? Your pet will, too.

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