Q&A – Should we be concerned about our dog vomiting clear fluid?

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Today we noticed that our dog Cassie is vomiting clear fluid (with a little foam) all over the kitchen floor. Later, she did it in the dining room as well. Then tonight we left for a few hours and came home to more in the kitchen. About five to six “puddles” each time. The concerning part is that in two of the “puddles” tonight there was a hint of blood. Since the blood was in round three is it safe to assume that was due to the vomiting? How concerned should we be?


I’m sorry to hear that Cassie is not feeling well. In many cases, blood can be there because a small blood vessel or capillary has broken by the force of the vomiting. If there is active bleeding in the stomach, the blood gets digested and when vomited looks like coffee grounds. If you are seeing red blood, then it is unlikely to be anything serious.

However, if there is a lot of blood or if she starts to bleed from other areas, there is the possibility of a blood clotting issue. In most cases, if a dog is feeling relatively well but vomiting, a fast from food for 24 hours (water is ok) followed by small meals usually solves the problem. However, if she seems really unwell or if the vomiting is still going on for a couple days then a vet visit is a good idea.

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