Sherri originally started her career at Martin Downs Pet Clinic, Dr. Waters old hospital in September 2001. She came to Martin Downs Animal Hospital when it opened in 2002 until she moved to Orlando in June 2015. She returned to Martin Downs Animal Hospital in August 2017.

While in Orlando, Sherri not only cared for dogs and cats but also worked with Avian, Exotics, Reptiles, and Wildlife. The hospital worked with the Audubon Society and she got to help with Eagles, Hawks and other Birds of Prey.

Her special interests include Dentistry, Dermatology and Exotics.

In her spare time Sherri enjoys scrapbooking, photography, growing vegetables and going to theme parks.

Sherri does volunteer work for Rescue-Adoption in Fort Pierce.

She has 5 pets including:
Britt – Miniature Pinscher
Brooke – Miniature Pinscher
Dallas — Lab Mix
Paisley – Tuxedo Cat
Black “Pearl” – Miniature Pot Belly Pig
Barbossa – Miniature Pot Belly Pig