Holiday Pet Dangers

The holidays can be a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones, including your pets. However, there are additional dangers for animals this time of year.

You probably already know to keep your pet away from chocolate, as it can be toxic. And while you may be tempted to treat your pet to table scraps and bones during the holidays, it is best to stick to your pet’s usual diet, as animals can develop stomach upset and pancreatitis from overindulging in “people food”.

Christmas trees and decorations can also be hazardous. Cats are especially attracted to pretty, shiny ornaments that look like toys. If possible, keep breakable or potentially dangerous ornaments up high on your tree and out of your pet’s reach. Eating tinsel or ribbon can be deadly for felines, so you may want to avoid using them altogether if you have curious kitties in your home. Also, if you have a live Christmas tree, be aware that dogs may try to drink the water in your tree stand, so be careful about adding chemicals to the water.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to have a pet poison control number handy. You may even want to program it into your phone. Many people don’t realize there is a separate poison control hotline for animals. And while these aren’t free services like they are for humans, a $39 fee is a small price to pay if it helps save your pet’s life. The Pet Poison Helpline number is 855-764-7661, and it is staffed by Veterinary Toxicologists and available 24 hours a day.

Don’t forget that if you are travelling for the holidays and in need of boarding in the Palm City or Stuart area, we provide full service boarding for dogs and cats. All of us at Martin Downs Animal Hospital wish you and your pets a safe and happy holiday season!

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