Traveling with Pets

If you’ll be traveling this holiday season and bringing your pet with you, there are several ways to ensure a safer and more comfortable trip. First, be sure to microchip your pet before travel to increase the chance that your furry friend will be returned safely should he or she get lost while away from home. We can microchip your pet for you here at Martin Downs Animal Hospital.

If you’ll be taking a road trip, be sure that your pet is safely contained in a large crate or secured with a dog seat belt. If you’ll be staying at a hotel, call in advance to guarantee that the hotel you choose is dog friendly. If your pet does not like car rides, you will need to take some car rides locally to get him used to car travel. The ASPCA recommends taking a fearful pet for short car rides that end at a fun destination, such as a dog park, in order to ease your pet’s fears. There are a few dog parks in Martin County including Poppleton Creek Park on Central Parkway between Kanner Hwy and US1.

A non-spill water bowl, food and chew toys are a must to have on hand during a road trip, and make sure to stop frequently to allow your pet to stretch and use the bathroom.

Air travel with pets has grown more complicated in recent years. It is widely recommended by pet experts and veterinarians that you not bring your pet on an airplane unless he or she is small enough to fit safely under your seat in a travel carrier. Always check with individual airlines for their specific pet policies. A health certificate is required for air travel, so be sure to schedule a vet appointment before you travel, as your vet will need to do an exam and ensure all vaccines are up to date. There is usually a charge for the pet health certificate.

Better yet, board your pet with us at Martin Downs Animal Hospital while you enjoy your vacation! If you do choose to board with us or anywhere else, you will need to provide a copy of your pet’s medical records including vaccine history.

Happy Holidays and safe travels!

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